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April 03, 2012    7:17pm    2 years ago

I almost died. (blah blah blah no1curr.)

So….I was sitting on the bar in my house cleaning the fish tank that is located on the bar.

And while I was doing this, I heard moving noises going on in the drawers beneath the bar. I called my friend to come and see what it was. She was like, “it’s probably just Frankie (my cat).” But Frankie has a bell on her collar and I heard no usual bell noises. 

I was like: No, it’s not. Come look! *almost starts sobbing thinking it’s some gross creature that’s hiding*

So she opened the door and I could see some dark gray fur so I legit thought it was like some massive rat and I jerked to jump off the bar….but the only way I could get off the bar was to go pass the bucket I had sitting on a chair that was being used to collect the dirty fish water.

SO….I almost jumped off the bar, which is pretty high, like right onto the bucket which would spill like 8 gallons of dirty water (which would probably lead to me breaking my neck. joy!) when my friend screamed out: IT’S JUST FRANKIE YOU FUCKING IDIOT. 

Thankfully, it was. And I did not jump. And I am still alive. lmfao. Still, I can’t breathe. I CAN’T DO RATS. CUTE LITTLE MICKEY MOUSE MOUSES…YES. BUT RATS? JESUS CHRIST NO. 

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November 09, 2011    11:35pm    2 years ago
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August 09, 2011    3:45pm    3 years ago


Is anyone else’s cat like mortally terrified of a flea treatment? Lmao. I have to legit hold the little tube in my palm so my cat can’t see it. If she sees it? Shit goes down and she will scratch the hell out of me and try to run. 

This time I hadn’t got it open correctly and she accidentally saw the tube so I had to get someone to help me hold her down. 


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July 13, 2011    9:26pm    3 years ago
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June 08, 2011    11:40am    3 years ago

So I’m off today…

And my cat just literally almost killed my head. I’m laying in bed and she was sitting on the bed when all of a sudden a bird came and jumped near the window. She started screaming and then literally jumped on my head, scratched the living hell out of the top of my head and pulled some hair out, and then used my forehead to push herself up onto the windowsill. 


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