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April 27, 2012    8:52pm    2 years ago
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April 17, 2012    3:15pm    2 years ago



Chris’s proposal to Reagan.

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April 10, 2012    6:10pm    2 years ago


So…since I’m in an animation mood due to watching Archer, I was going to start up Avatar: The Last Airbender but stupid fucking Netflix is not working. 

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April 03, 2012    7:17pm    2 years ago

I almost died. (blah blah blah no1curr.)

So….I was sitting on the bar in my house cleaning the fish tank that is located on the bar.

And while I was doing this, I heard moving noises going on in the drawers beneath the bar. I called my friend to come and see what it was. She was like, “it’s probably just Frankie (my cat).” But Frankie has a bell on her collar and I heard no usual bell noises. 

I was like: No, it’s not. Come look! *almost starts sobbing thinking it’s some gross creature that’s hiding*

So she opened the door and I could see some dark gray fur so I legit thought it was like some massive rat and I jerked to jump off the bar….but the only way I could get off the bar was to go pass the bucket I had sitting on a chair that was being used to collect the dirty fish water.

SO….I almost jumped off the bar, which is pretty high, like right onto the bucket which would spill like 8 gallons of dirty water (which would probably lead to me breaking my neck. joy!) when my friend screamed out: IT’S JUST FRANKIE YOU FUCKING IDIOT. 

Thankfully, it was. And I did not jump. And I am still alive. lmfao. Still, I can’t breathe. I CAN’T DO RATS. CUTE LITTLE MICKEY MOUSE MOUSES…YES. BUT RATS? JESUS CHRIST NO. 

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March 19, 2012    10:04pm    2 years ago

Dieting sucks.


January 20, 2012    12:27am    2 years ago
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